Information on the instruments of protection of the policyholder

a) the intermediation activity is guaranteed by a civil liability insurance policy, which covers damages caused to the contracting parties by negligence and professional errors of the intermediary or by negligence, professional errors and infidelity of employees, collaborators or persons whose work the intermediary must respond in accordance with the law;

b) the contractor, without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the Judicial Authority, has the right to lodge a complaint, alternatively
1 – by writing to:
SACE BT S.p.A, Complaints Office Piazza Poli 42, 00187 Rome
2 – by sending a fax to the number: 06-6736760
3 – by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address;
4 – by writing directly to the intermediary:
ZOSTAN SAS DI STEFANO ZOLIN Via Roveggia 51 37136 Verona
5 – by sending a fax to the intermediary number: 045-576797
6 – by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address;

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or if you have not received a reply within the maximum term of forty-five days, you can contact the Institute for the Supervision of Private and Collective Interest Insurance, attaching the documentation relating to the complaint. processed by the Company, by writing to:

IVASS User Protection Service Via del Quirinale, 21 00187 Rome – ITALY

c) the right for the contractor to make use of any other out-of-court dispute resolution systems provided for by current legislation.

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