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about us


Zostan is the specialized agency of SACE BT, part of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, capable of supporting Italian companies and making them more competitive in international trade.

In addition to the traditional insurance policies of trade receivables on the total turnover (possibly limited to homogeneous categories of risk), Italian companies can protect themselves from the risk of non-payment by insuring a single foreign trade credit (exclusive product of SACE BT), with payment extensions up to 12 months. In addition, thanks to an innovative product hitherto absent in the Italian insurance market, companies can protect themselves from the risk of order revocation and production costs to foreign customers (within OECD zero countries) by granting medium-term payment extensions.


Legal obligations; Tenders, VAT refunds, for advances on contracts, deferred payment of customs duties, release withholdings, etc. .. Contractual obligations; guarantees between private individuals, bonds, etc. As described in the presentation, there are also insurance services within the elementary classes.

SACE SRV's activity in debt collection in Italy and abroad is highly appreciated, with which it is possible to manage all out-of-court and judicial activities for the recovery of outstanding credits through a specialized team and a network of local negotiators all over the world. . The cost is quite low compared to competitors, thanks to a tariff structured on a success fee basis and the same contact person for all phases of credit recovery, with constant updates.

Unique in the market, Zostan offers a commercial information service (with detailed reports from the most important players) without the need to stipulate subscriptions, with the possibility of requesting a single report.

Our team

a team of professionals

Da sempre operante nel settore, grazie all’esperienza maturata ed alla professionalità del team, ha instaurato attive collaborazioni con le più importanti realtà assicuratrici/finanziarie quali banche e factor del territorio, oltre che con intermediari terzi di livello internazionale.

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